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Cultural Exchanges between China and Greece in 2003

1. At the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, Chinese delegation of museums visited Greece from Jan, 16 to 24, 2003.

2. From Feb. 7th to 9th, Chinese New Year celebration was held in Hotel, the celebration included exhibition, performances, lecture and Chinese food.

3. A Cultural delegation from Hebei Province visited Athens from March 31 to April 3rd.

4. Dalian Acrobatic Troupe gave performances in Athens from Feb. 22 to 26th.

5. The Hellenic National Theater visited China visited China in March and give the performances there.

6. A 4-person delegation of Hellenic Republic visited China in March to sign the Cultural Agreement between China and Greece for the year 2003-2006.

7. At the invitation of the Municipality of Athens, the Chinese Kite delegation of 14 people visited Athens from March 5th to 12th. During their stayed, they gave exhibition in Technopolis and kite demonstration on Clean Monday on Philipapou Hill.

8. A Chinese exhibition named “Great China in Our Little Town” was held in the Markopolou Cultural Center from April 5 to 12 , organized by the Chinese Embassy in Hellenic Republic, Markopolou Cultural Center and Book Society of Port Rafti.

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